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    Quinceañeras Limousine

    In the Hispanic-American community, the quinceañera celebration symbolizes a teenage girl’s entry through the door of womanhood. At Twin Cities Limo, we are happy to comfortably and elegantly assist your daughter through the door, and guide her to her first steps of her transformation into a powerful and self-assured woman.

    We offer plenty of amenities within our well-stocked limousine fleet to help the jump the party off before we even arrive at the actual party destination! Your daughter’s ride with us through the Minneapolis-St. Paul area will be undoubtedly the best that she’s ever had.

    When she arrives at the party—in all her pulchritude and dignity—stepping out of our limo will make an everlasting impression on everyone’s minds. Make no mistake about it, she IS the star of the party and there will be NO arguments to dispute that fact!


    CALL (612) 431-8182

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